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Construction & civil engineering


Construction sites are daily involved in moving earth and rock, and the building of infrastructure using various aggregates. In particular, the concrete industry is concerned with a complex array of granular processes, from the bulk handling of raw materials to the detailed physio-chemical interaction between the composite elements of concrete.

Civil engineers have developed numerous models to describe soil behaviour, based on continuum mechanics (stress-strain relations). While these models can be applied in many situations, there exists cases where the particulate behaviour plays a dominant role.

The control of naturally-occuring phenomena, such as landslides and avalanches, is also of significant importance. Appropriate measures, based on a detailed knowledge of the underlying granular processes, can save annually hundereds of lives and avoid substantial damage to infrastructure.

Processes used in construction and civil engineering

  • transport and conveying
  • mixing and blending
  • crushing and grinding
  • compaction
  • sorting and storage
  • avalanching
  • ...

Our services

Leading companies in construction and civil engineering and their suppliers can profit from our personalized solutions to their specific processing problems. Our advanced numerical simulations enables the improvement of manufacturing and product design for processes employing granular technologies.


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