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Food & agriculture industries


The production of a large number of food items is based on granular and powder technology. For example, the mixing of ingredients, frequently with diverse physical properties (eg breakfast cereals), is a common activity that can lead to significant loss of product quality if not performed appropriately. Presently, new requirements and developments in the food industry lead to the need for improved understanding of processing to enable development and optimization.

Processes used in the food and agriculture industry

  • mixing and blending
  • grinding and milling
  • precise feeding and filling
  • transport and conveying
  • storage in hoppers and silos
  • agglomeration
  • ...

One fact

It is estimated that an increased understanding of granular technology can provide up to 40% improvement in efficiency in the food and agriculture industry.

Our services

Leading food companies and their suppliers can profit from our personalized solutions to their specific processing problems. Our advanced numerical simulations enables the improvement of manufacturing and product design for all processes employing particulate (granular or powder) technologies.


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